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LiveMusicEvents.org is a vibrant, community-focused network designed and built by the same mastermind Web Developer & Marketing Strategist behind BISTRO BUDDY.

Our Mission

Our mission at LiveMusicEvents.org is to become the go-to hub for individuals and organizations within the music industry. By consolidating an array of services and opportunities into one user-friendly platform, we aim to simplify and enhance the live music experience for both professionals and fans.

Our Music Community

Our broad community embraces professionals such as venue owners, musicians, band members, booking agents, promoters, event planners, sound and lighting technicians, rigging specialists, venue owners, and vendors, along with individuals in related roles such as music journalists, photographers, and bloggers.

Stand Against Unfair Ticket Selling Practices

We stand firmly against practices like ticket scalping and bot purchases, and we are committed to ensuring that tickets get into the hands of real fans. We strive to improve the live music experience for fans through a fair and transparent live music ticket sales platform, along with features to help fans discover new music, track their favorite bands, and explore the vibrant live music scene in their locale.

Join Us

The LiveMusicEvents.org team, led by experienced professionals from the music industry, operates with transparency, responsibility, and an unwavering commitment to our mission. We are excited to invite new board members who share our vision and are passionate about making a difference in the live music community. Through the generous support of volunteers, donors, and community partners, we bring our mission to life. We offer numerous ways for individuals to get involved, from volunteering at events to making a donation or joining our board of directors.

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead, LiveMusicEvents.org is enthusiastic about the potential to make an even greater impact on the live music scene. With plans for new initiatives and partnerships, we remain committed to supporting the individuals and organizations that make live music possible, ensuring that fans can enjoy the live music experience to its fullest.

Get Involved!

Join us at LiveMusicEvents.org, and be part of our mission to bring together the live music community. Under the strategic guidance of the same team behind BISTRO BUDDY, we strive to make the music scene stronger, more vibrant, and more accessible for all.

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